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EUMASLI 2.0 has been postponed to begin in autumn 2012. Application information given below will be updated in 2012. If you are interested in the programme, please contact the coordinator of the programme, Svenja Wurm, S.B.Wurm(at)


Application, selection procedure & fees

In order to qualify for EUMASLI 2.0 you need to have (a) a first university degree (or equivalent), (b) at least three years of professional experience as a sign language interpreter, and (c) sufficient competence in English for taking part in a Master programme of this kind. If you meet these criteria and want to apply to take part in the programme, do as follows:

On the basis of your application, there will be a selection procedure. This will involve (a) writing an essay on a question related to sign language interpreting in English (60 min), (b) being interviewed in spoken English (20 min), (c) being interviewed in an appropriate sign language (20 min). In the case of Deaf applicants, (b) and (c) will be merged into one sign language interview. To take part in the selection procedure, you will have to come to the relevant partner university for one day in May 2011. You will be notified about the outcome of the selection procedure by June 2011. If you have applied to Humak University but did not secure a place there, you may still be considered for one of the partner universities.

Though this is a joint European programme, it was not possible to harmonize national conditions as to financing the programme. So, fees depend on where you will be registered:


The preliminary schedule for EUMASLI 2.0 is shown below. Please note that participation in the international blockseminars is compulsory for the successful completion of the programme!

These are the tentative dates for the second round of the EUMASLI programme:

  • Until April 2011
    • Application for taking part in the programme (see below)
  • May 2011
    • Selection procedure and interviews at the appropriate university
  • June 2011
    • Notification of results of selection procedure
  • October 2011 (week 40):
    • Start of the programme
  • October/November 2011 (week 44):
    • One-week blockseminar in Germany
  • December 2011 (week 49):
    • One-week blockseminar in Finland
  • January 2012 (week 3):
    • One-week blockseminar in Scotland
  • February 2012 (week 7):
    • conclusion of semester 1
  • April/Mai 2012 (week 17/18):
    • Two-week blockseminar in Germany (semester 2)
  • October 2012 (week 42/43):
    • Two-week blockseminar in Scotland (semester 3)
  • April 2013 (week 16/17):
    • Two-week blockseminar in Finland (semester 4)
  • Before spring 2014:
    • All the master theses will be finished, a concluding conference will have taken place, degree awards will have been confirmed ...