EUMASLI 4 in the final phase

After two intense years of study, the current cohort of EUMASLI is busy conducting research and writing their Master’s Theses at this very moment. The results of these studies will be presented at a small conference on September 13–14 2023 in Thessaloniki (Greece), ahead of the annual conference of the European Forum of Sign Language […]

Call for interpreters / EUMASLI#4 Colloquium 13–14 September

Students of EUMASLI#4 will be presenting their Master’s theses in Thessaloniki, Greece on 13–14 September 2023. The languages of the event will be International Sign and spoken English. Our colloquium takes place just before efsli seminar (which is 15–17 September) and at the same venue. We are now looking for interpreters (International Sign – English […]

Call for interpreters: EUMASLI online teaching in spring 2021

We are looking for an interpreter team for higher education online Languages: International Sign & English What? Online teaching sessions of EUMASLI 4 masters’ level study programme (including lectures, workshops and discussions) Possibility of additional sessions and/or additional translation work of recorded lectures. The total need of interpreting will be appr. 60 hrs during first […]

EUMASLI #4 emerges from the mists!

In two exciting recent events, the shape and character of the EUMASLI experience that will begin in 2021 has begun to take a solid form as it appears from the swirling fog of questions we have all encountered during pandemic-hit 2020. Previous rounds of EUMASLI have thrown up the slogan ’Are you going with me?’ […]

Theses – what are they about?

Students in EUMASLI have written theses on many subjects, some of which have been published. We hope to publish more of them in time, but for now here are four the process so far to give a flavour of what it’s all about. EUMASLI began as a result of a curriculum development project, funded within the EU Socrates Programme in […]

Should I apply to EUMASLI?

Q&A by EUMASLI graduates 30th July Have you got some questions about EUMASLI? Not sure whether it’s something for you? You are warmly welcome to join a Zoom-meeting by our alumni Karolien Gebruers, Sandra Schügerl and Leyre Subijana. They are hosting a two-hour Questions & Answers event, to support future EUMASLI students. They have promised […]

What do you learn in EUMASLI?

To have a look of the content of studies in EUMASLI, you can read more about it in page Programme, and have a look at Okan Kubus’ short introduction in International Sign below. Are you still not sure if you should apply? Have a look at the information on page Application. You can always apply, […]

What did you think of EUMASLI? Thoughts from students

“For me, EUMASLI  was rich of learning experiences and rich of encounters, both with experts in the profession and with the 23 other participants from 13 different countries. I’ve learned so much that I can only recommend you to take part in this wonderful adventure!” “If you want to take your interpreter-self further, go for […]