Call for interpreters / EUMASLI#4 Colloquium 13–14 September

Students of EUMASLI#4 will be presenting their Master’s theses in Thessaloniki, Greece on 13–14 September 2023. The languages of the event will be International Sign and spoken English. Our colloquium takes place just before efsli seminar (which is 15–17 September) and at the same venue.

Lady with dark long hair standing behind a table, slides behind her. Besides her standing a man, hands moving.
Katariina Valentin giving a presentation in the final colloquium of EUMASLI#3 in September 2019. Interpreter: Andrew Carmichael.

We are now looking for interpreters (International Sign – English – International Sign) for the event. Interpreting will be needed for 2 full days on site. We need a team of professional interpreters committed to working with high ethical standards. The work requires excellent interpreting and language skills in academic context.

We are looking forward to having open and flexible communication between interpreters, students & staff before, during and after the event. We aim to create an environment where it’s possible for interpreters to prepare for their work, safe to ask for clarification and feedback.

Please send us a letter of interest with a preliminary quote (including preparation, estimated travel costs, VAT…) no later than 31. March 2023 to Okan Kubus ( and Liisa Halkosaari ( Please provide us some information regarding the interpreters’ experience & skills, and how the team will be working.

Don’t hesitate to contact Okan or Liisa, and ask for clarification at any time!

Please send your letter of interest no later than Friday 31st March 2023.