EUMASLI #4 emerges from the mists!

In two exciting recent events, the shape and character of the EUMASLI experience that will begin in 2021 has begun to take a solid form as it appears from the swirling fog of questions we have all encountered during pandemic-hit 2020.

Previous rounds of EUMASLI have thrown up the slogan ’Are you going with me?’ and the logo of a ship in full sail (visible below), referring to the collective voyage of discovery that staff and students embark on together with each EUMASLI journey.

picture of the upper deck of a boat with students sitting and standing around looking away from the camera into a sunset. Student standing close to the camera is wearing a sweater with EUMASLI and a boat logo in red.
EUMASLI 3 enjoying Helsinki harbor during sunset – with the perfect ship logo!

In 2021, a new EUMASLI will set sail, and this one will be updated again to reflect our times. On July 30th 2020 and August 19th 2020 respectively, EUMASLI graduates and staff led two events designed to introduce prospective applicants to the programme and answer their questions about what to expect from the expedition ahead!

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who took part, with particular thanks to EUMASLI #3 alumni Karolien Gebruers, Sandra Schügerl and Leyre Subijana who generously set up and ran a two-hour live Q+A session online. Over 70 curious folk registered from around the world, taking at face value the hosts’ promise that ”there are no stupid questions” and asking about every aspect of the programme.

With EUMASLI staff barred from attending, we have no idea what was asked, but all reports have been enthusiastic! We know that the graduate hosts will have given frank but encouraging responses, with the genuine aim of assisting people in making informed decisions about what it would mean to participate in EUMASLI and whether it would be the right step for them.

At the second webinar, over 40 participants were able to seek out answers to specific queries about the application and selection process, the programme design (adjusted towards online formats, at least for the early months of the course), the expected student commitment and 101 other issues. Dr Robyn Dean (RIT, NY), who heads a strand on ’reflective practice’ within EUMASLI, exemplified the cutting edge nature of topics handled within the curriculum, asking provocative questions arising from her current research about the cognitive effects of a ’no-rest approach’ to interpreting.

We are sharing the answers to question arising from the August Q+A session here:

The EUMASLI Facebook page has a lot of updates, including graduate Sylvia Leclerc’s ’yes-you-can!’ signed video about managing family life and EUMASLI studies. (More advice of this kind follows on the same page.)

So: the momentum is building. We have our vessel and we have charted its course. The next stage is to select crew members! If you’re going to apply – and we hope you do! – then please go to for details. Remember that August 28th 2020 is the deadline! Please address any queries to

Ship ahoy!


Text: Graham Turner