MA Theses presented at the final colloquia

List of MA theses presented in the final colloquia of EUMASLI 3 in Copenhagen September 2019.

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group of students throwing their hats in front of a lecture hall
Joy of reaching the harbour after EUMASLI cruise!

Tamara Bangerter: Exploring the practice of collaboration between participants through the lens of educational settings – A study on Swiss German sign language interpreters working in higher education

Sabine Conradi: Interpreting song lyrics from German to DGS: A study about sign language interpreter’s perception of role when interpreting music performances

Karolien Gebruers: Exploring the Professional Self: A Study of Flemish Sign Language/Dutch Interpreters in Times of Professionalisation

Tessa Heldens: The Influence of Interpreter Accent on the Hearing Person’s Perception of Deaf People

Päivi Kluuskeri: “Who is My Voice Today?“ – Deaf Professionals and Representation

Saija Kuronen: Exploring team interpreting in multi-party interaction

Sylvia Leclerc: Exploring the Uptake of Reflective Practice in the Sign Language Interpreting Profession Across Europe.

Lena Mönicke: Translating Multimodal Text Into Sign Language: An Analysis of the Interaction of Pictures and Written Text in DGS-Translations of the German Driver’s License Test

Amie Pease: Exiting the Profession: Retirement for Sign Language Interpreters

Sheyla M. Pérez González: Exploring Language Backgrounds of Multilingual Interpreters: An Analysis of the Linguistic Repertoires of Plurilingual Signed Language Interpreters in Germany Through the Use of Language Portraits

Samantha Riddle: Industrial relations and the deaf community: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the experience of sign language interpreter industrial action

Sandra Schügerl: From written content to signing avatar: The role of Deaf staff members in the production of animated signed language translations

Judith Snieders: Interpreting for deafblind: Exploring interaction in a setting with multiple deafblind people

Elizabeth Staehle: Negotiating confidentiality: A study in expectations and attitudes of Deaf professionals and their interpreters

Leyre Subijana Casado: COMPENETRACIÓN: Expectations and desires of the Deaf community concerning sign language interpreting services in Spain

Jetske Tinnevelt: Representation of the deaf academic self. A diary study of the experiences of deaf university students in the Netherlands when working with interpreters during their studies

Katariina Valentin: “I don’t know if it’s because we’re women…” Exploring the Relationship of Gender and the Signed Language Interpreting Profession

Tina Vrbanic: Croatian interpreters and reasoning skills: What is the relationship between personality traits of interpreters and moral reasoning

Ramon Woolfe: The Perception or Reality of Omissions by Deaf Interpreters. Examining the effect of Audience Design on Omissions by Deaf Interpreters


* Links provided to works published (before Oct 2019) in, the open publishing service of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences.