What did you think of EUMASLI? Thoughts from students

“For me, EUMASLI  was rich of learning experiences and rich of encounters, both with experts in the profession and with the 23 other participants from 13 different countries. I’ve learned so much that I can only recommend you to take part in this wonderful adventure!”

only hands of someone signing, in background a student sitting

“If you want to take your interpreter-self further, go for the EUMASLI experience. It’ll give you insight into your own profession in a whole new way and give you tools to understand and improve your own field of work.”

students sitting in a circle applauding in sign language with hands in the air

“EUMASLI has a significant impact on my professional life as it allowed me to grow by exposing me to new ideas, theories and perspectives. Professors made sure we familiarize ourselves with the current academic studies as well as prepare us to conduct research. I believe this programme has a more considerable influence on shaping the emerging profession of sign language interpreting in Europe.”

five students stand in front of a room, giving a presentation

“EUMASLI  allowed me to learned a lot, although it is not only about learning, it is also about finding international friends and networks, sharing knowledge, struggles, love and  success.  EUMASLI opens doors to many opportunities, such as becoming a researcher, or elevating to work as translator and interpreter at higher levels.  My career boosted after this program, and I am grateful to be part of the EUMASLI family.”

several students sitting in pairs, next to each other and having vivid discussions