Call for interpreters: EUMASLI online teaching in spring 2021

We are looking for an interpreter team for higher education online

Languages: International Sign & English


  • Online teaching sessions of EUMASLI 4 masters’ level study programme (including lectures, workshops and discussions)
  • Possibility of additional sessions and/or additional translation work of recorded lectures.
  • The total need of interpreting will be appr. 60 hrs during first semester, from January–July 2021.


During semester 1 (Jan-July 2021), sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons, 12–15 (GMT) on Zoom.  Three sessions every month need interpreting; one session a month does not need interpreting.

Dates (preliminary)

Friday (!), 15 Jan
Thurs, 21 Jan
Thu, 4 Feb
Thu, 11 Feb
Thu, 18 Feb
Thu, 4 March
Thu, 11 March
Thu, 18 March
Thu, 1 April
Thu, 8 April
Thu, 29 April
Thu, 6 May
Thurs, 13 May
Thu, 27 May
Thu, 10 June
Thurs, 17 June
Thurs, 24 June
Thurs, 1 July

Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Any changes will be negotiated with interpreters.

From August 2021, we are hoping to move towards face-to-face teaching in the form of two-weekly block seminars per semester. Block seminars will take place in Magdeburg (Germany) Helsinki (Finland) and Edinburgh (Scotland). For a tentative schedule, please see our website:

What we need from you:

  • a team of interpreters committed to working with us through spring 2021 (with the possibility of extending the contract to provide interpreting during block seminars and additional events from August 2021).
  • professional interpreters with high ethical standards and excellent interpreting and language skills in academic contexts
  • open and flexible communication between interpreters, students & staff
  • excellent technical quality for online interpreting (cameras, internet connection, use of Zoom…)

We aim to create an environment where it’s possible for interpreters to prepare for their work, safe to ask for clarification and feedback. We welcome a willingness to develop skills and knowledge while working with us and to become a part of our team.

Please send us a letter of interest including a preliminary quote, based on hourly invoicing of your service (including preparation, coordination, VAT…) no later than Friday 18 December 2020, by emailing to Liisa ( & Okan (

Please provide us some information regarding the interpreters’ experience, skills & knowledge (for example, in the form of a CV), proof of quality (preferably a sample of your work or references).

For more information on the EUMASLI Programme, please see our website:

Don’t hesitate to contact and ask for clarification at any time: and

Please send your letter of interest no later than Friday 18th December 2020.

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